A Recipe, Kind Of: Granolarritos!

wpid-20151030_104538 We did not eat well on the road out West. Ramen, Ragu, and off-brand Frosted Flakes comprised much of our diet, and we reveled in soup sales and Schat's second-day bread rack. Cali groceries are expensive! 

We did lots of van-based cooking — at the crag, at the park, at the Von's — but sometimes a midday Ramen break isn't worth hiking out of the crag. What to bring for the pre-send snack break?

PB&Js were out of the question; jelly was pricey, and so was ice to keep it cool. Bananas are swell, but the smushage risk was too high for my laundromat dependence. Apples are heavy, and dry cereal is sad. Enter: granolarritos.

Evan learned this piece of crag snack beauty from a former climbing partner, Nick. There's not much to it, but it's full of carbs and protein and yumz.

A Recipe, Kind Of

Ingredients: a tortilla • some granola (I recommend Nature Valley's chocolate and peanut butter varieties) • some nut butter (peanut? almond? cashew? sunflower seed? GET CRAZY) • another spread to undermine the snack's nutritional value and give it tasty points (I'm a chocolate frosting fan) • Practically anything else!

Steps: 1. Spread spreads onto tortilla. 2. Sprinkle granola over spreads. 3. Add your "anything else." 4. Roll it up!

It is important when making a granolarrito to use the proper 'rrito rolling technique. Thus, I present this guy's instructional video. His ingredients are questionable, but his technique is solid:


What are your favorite crag snacks? What would you put in your granolarrito? Is food cheap ANYWHERE in Bishop? Let me know in the comments!