Watercolor Magic: The boulderfield beauty of Creative Crag

Stone Fort Map Picture There’s a lot to do at the crag between burns. Sometimes I stretch, sometimes I snack, sometimes I take a Mad Pad nap.

Elaine? She makes art. In addition to being a knee-dropping lady crusher, she’s mad talented with a paintbrush. Now she’s sharing her magic with the masses.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I sure could use a few watercolor maps of my favorite Southeast crags, beautiful enough to hang on my wall but durable enough to survive the approach?” Well, now you have. Introducing: Creative Crag.

Elaine has rendered Rocktown, Stone Fort, and Horsepens 40 into colorful watercolor maps. Each 11” x 14” print folds into a waterproof brochure that’s just the right size to stuff into your pack. Each one highlights area classics with a tick list of must-do problems.

Even if you don’t need help navigating your favorite boulderfields, or if you’ve never even been down South, these maps are friggin’ cool. Nature has been inspiring artists for forever, and it’s amazing to see inspiration flow through a climber’s mind and onto paper.

The maps are $10.00 each on Etsy, and 10% of proceeds go to the Southeastern Climbers Coalition. Word has it there are also postcards in the works. Sources say they’re pretty rad, so keep an eye out by following @CreativeCrag on Instagram.